Let us guide you to the crystal clear beaches of Santorini

Envision crystal-clear azure waters, contrasting with the striking white, red, and black sands, towering cliffs, volcanic pebbles, and spectacular rock formations; some may find them unconventional, while others embrace their uniqueness. However, all agree: Santorini’s beaches are unlike any others they have ever encountered!

Here are some of the standout beaches in Santorini:

1. Red Beach

Pebbled, Organized
Renownedfor its striking black and red volcanic pebbles and warm waters, Red Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Santorini.

2. White Beach

Pebbled, Secluded, Nudism Friendly
Adjacent to Red Beach, White Beach shares black pebbles but boasts white cliffs.

3. Kamari Beach

Diving Club, Partly Organized, Sandy, Family Friendly, Water sports
Located on the southern part of Santorini, near Perissa, Kamari Beach features the impressive Mesa Vouno rock.

4. Perissa Beach

Diving Club, Partly Organized, Family Friendly, Pebbled, Water sports
Perissa is bustling tourist destination with black sand and the nearby Ancient Thera ruins.

5. Perivolos Beach

Partly Organized, Sandy, Family Friendly, Water sports
Perivolos is known for being Santorini’s longest black sand beach, lined with hotels, taverns, and beach bars.

6. Agios Georgios Beach

Partly Organized, Sandy, Water sports
A popular beach just 3 km from Perissa, known for its black pebbles and tourist-friendly amenities.

7. Vlychada Beach

Partly Organized, Sandy, Nudism Friendly
Vlychada is a pleasant and organized beach on the southern side of Santorini, complete with a small port for fishing boats and yachts.

8. Cape Columbo Beach

Pebbled, Secluded, Non Organized, Nudism Friendly
Cape Columbo is one of Santorini’s most remote and tranquil beaches, surrounded by rugged landscapes and often breezy conditions.

9. Vourvoulos Beach

Pebbled, Secluded, Non Organized
While extremely beautiful, Vourvoulos beach can be windy, making swimming conditions challenging at times.

10. Monolithos Beach

Pebbled, Secluded, Non Organized, Nudism Friendly
A family-oriented beach with a playground and beach volleyball court, surrounded by a few hotels.

11. Caldera Beach

Partly Organized, Secluded, Pebbled
Caldera is a small sandy beach nestled on the north side of Akrotiri.

12. Mesa Pigadia Beach

Partly Organized, Sandy, Pebbled
Mesa Pigadia is an isolated beach near the village of Akrotiri.

Should you require more information about these exquisite Santorini beaches, please feel free to seek guidance from our friendly staff.

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